Thursday, September 07, 2006


A cell phone and GPS tracking system for your pets, PetsCell™ from Pets Mobility .

The PetsCell is the first fully waterpoof voice enabled mobile phone that you attach to your dogs collar. Your dog then has it’s own number you can call it on and talk about wuf-wuf-this and wuf-wuf-that!.

For a more accurate location you could track your pet online or on your PDA or 3G phone. Another feature of the tracking is the ability 'Bread Crumb' your pets past movements. this allows the owner to see where the pet has been, by showing the past location of your pet. Now this is completely wrong! A dog's past is dog's own business, and we human should learn to mind our own business! I am going to create a coalition of dogs and men (other animals like cats, pigs, mice, snakes better join too, you know you are next, don't you!)

Should be in the market by late 2006 (oh, I am so excited and I don't even have a pet!)


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